Asset Protection Explained

Safeguard your assets by organizing your financial affairs.

Real Estate & Investment Property Protection

Strategies to protect your investments from creditors.

Offshore / Onshore Trusts

Effective tools and key factors to consider in your asset protection plan.

Overview Of A Trust

Manage the distribution techniques of your property.

Protect your assets from abusive litigation with ASSET PROTECTION

Asset Protection is the process of legally repositioning your assets from an exposed position to one that makes it from difficult, to nearly impossible, for someone to take your protected assets. Dempsey Mork, founder of Whitehall

Whitehall Company Ltd

-40 million lawsuits filed last year-85% against wealthy individuals-Majority of lawyers getting 40-50% of winnings.
  • We don’t move your assets offshore
  • We don’t violate any laws
  • We don’t violate IRS regulations or tax obligations
  • We don’t hide assets
  • We don’t put assets in someone else’s name
  • We don’t give up control of assets
  • Your Asset Protection Plan is unique
Every Asset Protection plan is designed to meet the objectives of a particular client. An Asset Protection Plan repositions exposed assets to a protected position. The client determines the degree of protection desired for each asset, from moderate to absolute. Some assets don’t need to be repositioned because they are already well protected, such as registered retirement plans. Some assets are exposed and not repositioned because they are not significant.

The client decides the degree of protection desired, from moderate to absolute. Moderate plans change corporations into LLCs,w Placing assets in separate entities, relocating entities into selected legal jurisdictions, and transferring assets held in individual names into LLCs. Strong or absolute plans involve the use of one or more trusts in out-of-state or offshore jurisdictions combined with LLCs registered in onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

Have A Lawsuit? It’s Never Too Late!

It's never too late to implement an Asset Protection plan

Many asset protection lawyers will tell you that you can’t use Asset Protection once a lawsuit is filed or a creditor has made a claim. They are concerned with statutes that say if you make transfers that leave you insolvent and unable to pay your creditors or claimants, your recent transfers can be reversed. Our lawyers say there is nothing in the fraudulent transfer or conveyance statutes about when you can transfer assets. Lawmakers could have said no asset transfers within a number of days, months, or years, but they didn’t. You have a right to legally protect your assets without regard to how your actions as viewed.
Even when a creditor is about to seize your property, an asset protection plan can protect selected assets. Rather than allow a creditor to pick and choose which of your assets to seize, your plan can determine which assets to protect and which assets to leave exposed. It is NEVER TOO LATE to implement your Asset Protection plan.


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